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Do you have sleepless nights? Have your sleepless nights makes you exhausted, restless and anxious? Do you have any other worries that you want to solve? Do you insomnia effects your life and how you behave with others? Do you suffer from fatigue, performance impairment or mood disturbance? What harm does insomnia do? Short - term sleeplessness does very little harm to your health, and the body can recover with a single night's sleep. However, it can cause enormous amount of distress and discomfort to many people, and can lead to more stress, irritability, and even depression. Sleeplessness over a few nights or more can make your life a misery and make you feel awful. Why Cognitive behavioural Hypnotherapy? I am specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to treat insomnia and help you overcome the fears of not sleeping well and enough and evaluate the need of taking over-the-counter products. The CBT methods witch I use effectively delivering the protocol driven techniques and well-structured program especially for insomnia. There is a great deal of evidence supporting clinical effectiveness for persistent insomnia. I Use the evidence-based technique and constantly updating my knowledge with CDP workshops, so you know that you are getting the best treatment with an updated techniques. How does it work? You will be asked to be honest with me and collaborative for the best treatment results. I will help you identify and replace those unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that in the first place caused your sleep problems and will help you to formulate new healthy and long-lasting habits to promote healthy and deep, deep, deep sleep. I treat everyone as an individual, because someone else problem might be not yours. I do apply the bio-individuality in all my offered treatments. Because one technique will not fit all. We will find the best treatment plan for your needs. You will be asked to keep the sleep Diary for one week before our treatment begins to know your sleep patterns and lifestyle better. The most important is a good assessment to understand your needs and worries and find out the best treatment plan for you. It can be treated alone as insomnia or other issues we will find out in the assessment process. Usually, it will take three to five sessions only for the treatment of insomnia alone to be effective and avoid the relapse prevention.

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