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A food craving can be defined as an intense desire for a particular food or type of food that is difficult to resist. Almost everyone has experienced some cravings at some points in their life. Sometimes cravings come as a result of extreme hunger. You don't know what you hungry for; you just know that you are starving. Cravings are important messages from your body. Our body is very smart we just need to listen to it. Do you feel craving every day for sugar - chocolate, candy bars or sugary fizzy drinks - Coca-Cola? Does your body is craving for salt and salty foods and after you eaten you feel sluggish, bloated and heavy? Do you want to listen to your body? What are those cravings? What your body is telling you? If you crave chocolate, doughnuts, sugary snacks or drinks or perhaps bread or pizza or maybe Cornish pastry or French fries, it's really not important what you crave. The important thing is to understand why you crave it. Our bodies are built to survive and thrive. Your head can say, "I am not eating this food because it's fattening," and your body might cooperate for a while. At some point, thought, it will start murmuring quiet messages like, "Hmm, we definitely need some more fat in here, to keep the brain thinking and make me feel satiated." The next thing you know, you're holding and empty box of chocolates. If you think to have one of those cravings and want to get rid of them for good, I can help you with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to find your trigger point, and understand your body imbalances with integrative nutrition health coaching..

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