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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is for you if you are motivated 100% to quit smoking. I will use a unique combination of Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy methods, which were previously tested and help you succeed in stopping smoking just in 1 session of 60-90 minutes long. Prior to the session I will send you a recording to help you get ready and prepare you for the hypnotherapy session. You will be asked as well to complete some tasks, before our main session. The main event of the day- Hypnotherapy session for stop smoking will help you break your habit of smoking. The triggers of being a smoker could be infinitive - boredom, stress, anxiety, need a cigarette after a meal or just a habit that you can't break it easily. The session will help you control the urge of smoking and feel good of being strong and empowered to say "NO" to a cigarettes and tobacco. I will give you a support of 2 months of online sessions if needed When you will book a smoking cessation session I will send you an audio recording. Give yourself a week or more for to listen to an audio prior to our session. The audio will prepare you for the session of being non smoker. The audio will explain the myths and misconception. it will help you understand how we will work together and make you ready for the session of being a non smoker forever.

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