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Addictions One in three people are addicted to something. Most, commonly, when we think of addictions, we imagine addictions to alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs. We can however be addicted to several things, including eating - food like chocolate or fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola, work and shopping, internet, gambling, exercise and even sex. When we don't have a control over using, taking or doing something to the point where it can become harmful. Cravings to something can become very strong and sometimes we don't feel how we manage to finish all that bar of chocolate or a bottle of wine. It's a very complex issue that can affect both body and mind, consuming people's lives and affecting relationships and careers. There are many reasons and environmental factors why we can develop an addiction. Do you think of any situation where you wanted to numb out the difficult feelings or other conditions like anxiety or any difficult event? Do you feel like you cannot control an addiction and have a tough life because of it , because you feel it's effecting your relationship with others and even career? Do you struggle to focus on other areas of your life? Do you feel emotional pressure? Do you feel excessively stressed? Do you have symptoms of having a mood swings, low self-esteem, memory problems, irritability, defensiveness, tiredness, withdrawals from social situations and responsibilities, poor performance at work or losing interest in activities you enjoyed before. If the answer is Yes to one of those questions you are in the right place. I am offering a strong support and encouragement alongside in your journey. In my sessions of Cognitive-Behavioural hypnotherapy, I will work with you and we will identify the underlying causes of addiction. You will be empowered and given lots of different tools to help you to control your cravings and urge to an additive behaviour. Cognitive-Behavioural hypnotherapy is effective of changing the unhealthy behaviours that you established in a long run. The process of working with me is very relaxing and will help you lower your stress levels and anxiety and will help you manage better your cravings. I am offering a completely safe and non-judgmental environment for you to feel free to express yourself. We will work with different techniques which were previously tested by randomised control groups, peer groups and established to be effective as a treatment method.

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